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1. No spam outside of the spam forum. This means double-posting, and generally posting off-topic. This can also apply to purposfully starting a topic in an innapropriate section of the forum, e.g. posting something like "Where can I get a good pedicure?" in the Panel de Pon section, where it obviously doesn't belong.


2. No flaming. This means you can not and will not speak hurtfully or in a derogatory manner to any other member. This includes racial slurrs, calling people names, and otherwise being mean in general.


3. No advertising on the forum. You may place banners and links and things like that in your signature ONLY. This also applies to being a spam-bot, so if you come in here, put a sorts of links in your signature and just make a bunch of meaningless posts, you're just gonna get perma-banned the instant I see you (I've had... problems with spam bots before...)


4. No "Hotlinking" to other websites material. This means linking directly to a file download that is hosted on another site. Post a link to the page containing said download or other content instead, so as not to steal bandwidth from the site in question.


5. No innapropriate material on the forum anywhere at all! This site contains material that "rated E for Everyone" (As per the ESRB-type rating), meaning there will be some younger users browsing the site. Any material containing large amounts of blood, gore, violence, or sexual material will be removed on sight, and the offending member either warned or banned, depending on the circumstances.


6. Don't curse. Like I said above, this site is "E for Everyone", so cursing would be innapropriate. For those of you who think I'm referring to Black Magic, I'll make it more clear; no PROFANITY, CUSSING, or SWEAR WORDS of any kind! That's pretty clear. Don't do it.


7. Respect other people's opinions. Not only does not doing this usually break rule #2, it also makes you look like an incompitent kid. Not everyone is going to think the same way you do, and believe it or not, you're not always right!


8. No linking to illegal material or sites offering illegal material. This includes, but is not limited to:

Warez (Torrents and Torrent-trackers for instance)

ROMs (Illegal copies of commercial console games)

Porn ("E for Everyone", so we have minors here)


This includes asking anyone for this type of material, whether within a post, or PM. If someone sends you a PM with this type of question, please forward the PM to me (or another Moderator/Admin) and then delete it.


9. Don't post embedded videos in posts or signitures. Since our forum doesn't have the Spoiler tag, you'll have to post video links instead. Some people have really slow connections, and some poor souls even have limits on how much data they can download from the internet each month! :( Videos are only a bane to these people, and we want everyone to have a good time here.


10. Mini-modding - Most sites tell you not to do this. Of course, since you usually can't ban people, you shouldn't threaten to do so, nor should you threaten to report someone. If you see something that breaks the rules, report it to me or another Mod/Admin and don't post about it in the topic. Basically, don't try to uphold the law if you're not a police officer, you dig? :/


11. Signatures - Please, try to keep your signatures on the shorter side. A large, attention-grabbing signature not only takes up space on the page, but it can also be misconstrued as advertising depending on the circumstances. Try to limit the amount of off-site links and images, as well as the size of your images. Just use your common sense. We'll just ask you to change it if we think it's going overboard. (Although, if we ask you and you ignore us, you could get a warning)


Rules are subject to change with or without warning, but if you just use your common sense, you'll probably be alright. I tend to be pretty lenient with my rules, but don't ruin it for yourselves by breaking them all the time!

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