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One of the first Nintendo DS games to be released, and it was developed by Masahiro Sakurai, the man behind the Kirby and Super Smash Bros. games! It spawned two sequels: Meteos Disney Magic, which, IMO, destroyed what made the original so fun, and Meteos Wars for the XBox 360, which introduced new planets, but otherwise also destroyed the gameplay since the touch screen was gone. I mean, you can't really play it right with only buttons. Especially at higher levels.

Does anyone else love this game!? I wish they would make a legit Meteos 2 for the 3DS or something. It could include all of the planets Meteos Wars added, and it could also have Wi-Fi!!! That would make my head explode. I STILL own and play an original copy of Meteos. It's just so much fun. ;-; Even if it is missing some things that I would love to have in it. XD

The day someone invents a DS emulator that can play wireless via Netplay, I hope people can start having online Meteos matches, and maybe even tournaments!!! Oh, my. Anyway, discuss! ^_^


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