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Posted by BusterTheFox on July 9, 2013 at 10:30 PM

Today I decided to come back here and take a look at what I can do to improve this place a bit (Short of throwing a lot of money at Webs to get them to let me do anything easily). I was quickly reminded of how eye-burning the new skin is and also how hard it was to read the navigation bar at the top of the site. So I went searching through the rainbow to find the perfect color to offset the background. It was white before, but now it's yellow. I think it looks better than it did before. Just so happens that yellow is pretty much the only distinct color I can use that doesn't blend with some part of the background image. :< Anyway, I hope it's easier to read for everyone, now.

I know I promised I would buy myself a premium membership for this place a lot sooner, but real life got in the way, as expected. I just ordered my gaming computer (At last!), but now I have to save up for multiple other things that have popped up (Like my brother's bachelor party and, of course, more PC games for my new computer. Kidding. That'll be seperate). In any case, it seems that once I get all of these things sorted out, I should be able to finally save up a special fund for getting this place in order. Then I'll finally be able to update and make seperate pages for each and every game in the series.

In other news, I've recently been looking a bit more into the localizations of the games in the series. I touch on this subject breifly in the information docs I have available for download while we wait for legit webspace for the information, but one of the biggest problems the series faces right now is that nobody knows what it is. even the Super Smash Bros. series hasn't answered many questions about it, which it has for so many other games. For instance, there's the item Lip's Stick. It's the magical wand that Lip, the protagonist from the original Panel de Pon, uses. While SSB cites the item as being from the "Panel de Pon" series, nobody in America (or anyone outside of Japan, period) knows what that is. At least, as far as the masses are concerned. Most people here in America seem to know the series by the names of either Tetris Attack, or Pokemon Puzzle League. those who associate it with Tetris Attack have a tendancy to be unaware there are other games in the series since there have been no other games (Besides the Game Boy port) that used that name. Making the transition to the N64, the name was changed to Pokemon Puzzle League. Most people associated with this name know it because of the Pokemon part of the title rather than the "Puzzle League" part of it. On top of that, anyone who has played through a Pokemon game would know of the original namesake, the Pokemon League, which is essentially where the last boss of each game lies in wait. With that in mind, even people who have played Pokemon Puzzle League may not recognize the GBA Puzzle League or Planet Puzzle League as the same game at all at first glance (Because it does not feature Pokemon). 

Speaking of which, the Game Boy Advance Dr. Mario + Puzzle League wasn't that great of a seller, either. Looking back, it seems like Nintendo must have anticipated a bad turn-out by the fact that they released Dr. Mario with it as a bundle. As a result, Dr. Mario kind of became the main selling point, and once again, Puzzle League was pretty much lost on players along the way. It probably also didn't help that this particular iteration of the series pretty much a bear minimum version of the game, with very few unlockables and other things. Of course, that's just my opinion right there, and there are plenty of great things about this game that make it awesome. It's personally also my favorite game in the series as of right now. But I'm not writing a reveiw about this one game right now.

Speaking of which, here I am writing an article about the series before I even realized it. Haha! I guess I should end up with a solution to the problem, then.

I suppose if I were in the shoes of Intelligent Systems, I would release a "Puzzle League Collection" on the 3DS or Wii U with a few select games in the series. Of course, that might not be a perfect idea since there would be copyright issues with both Yoshi and Pokemon. But Intelligent System and The Pokemon Company are both second party subsidiaries of Nintendo; it could work. Basically, it would include a (translated) Panel de Pon, Tetris Attack (SNES and GB), Pokemon Puzzle League, Pokemon Puzzle Challenge, and the Game Boy Advance Puzzle League. The game would have something like a "museum" mode where it would explain the history of each game, the reasoning behind each name change, and, most importanty, it would introduce Panel de Pon to English-speaking audiences while confirming with fans of the series that not only are all the games in the same series, but the current name is now "Puzzle League". Then, in the next Smash Bros. game, they could change any reference to "Panel de Pon" to "Puzzle League". And even if they didn't, players would know what game Panel de Pon was thanks to it having been included in the collection.

...I guess that's all wishful thinking, though. Hey, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems! If you ever happen to see this, you may use this idea free of charge and without any kind of attribution. Or, hey! Just release the games on the virtual Console! Although there's the trouble with the Tetris Attack name, too... Which is probably why it hasn't been released yet already. But jeez, just release Panel de Pon at least! XD People need to know what they're dealing with when it comes to this series... And Intelligent Systems seems to have abandoned it (Along with Advance Wars...) for Fire Emblem and Paper Mario... Wait, did they make Super Paper Mario or Sticker Star? I should look that up. If they weren't behind those... Well, either way, they technically shouldn't be working on anything right now. Maybe a new 3DS Advance Wars or Puzzle LEague is on the way... *Sigh...*

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