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Posted by BusterTheFox on January 6, 2013 at 6:05 AM

I've noticed that the news feed here is turning more and more into my own personal blog. ;p Not that there's much going on in the Puzzle League world of late. I'm glad I was able to spot that Game Informer mention, but that's really nothing big. At least it;s something, though. :)

Anyway, I got Tetris Attack for the Gameboy since the last update. I used to think it was incredibly tough, but playing it on a real Gameboy Color made all the difference. It does a much better job of separating the block colors than an emulator does, which makes it much easier to find chains and such.
As for Puzzle Challenge, I'm, in a way, breezing through Insane Mode. I still haven't beaten it, but that's because I keep on restarting when I get to the Elite Four so I can try to get all of the unlockable Trainer Pokémon. >_> It doesn't help that you only get one chance at them at a time. :< I also messed around with Line Clear mode a bit; It's pretty easy stuff, but it's all about speed with that mode. Not that there's much to compare it to, so I just go about it casually. Maybe someday, when I get online ranking stuff working, I'll include Line Clear times for everything. xD

As for the status of the site, we're still empty as ever. I just barely haven't managed to gather enough interest in the tourney to get it all started. I'm not sure what else to do right now, though. At the moment, the next step is simply to save up my money and buy some extra webspace for PLH so I can expand the Game Information stuff to be on separate pages. I also have to re-write those things, some of the info is a bit off. >_< But I can't find the drive to do it as it is now. I hate to have to make it all as downloadable .RTF files.
Ah, as for money, I actually managed to break away from eBay like I said I would. Right now, my main priority is saving up for a new computer. After that, it's all pretty much up in the air. It'll be a fight between games on Steam, 3DS and Wii U, mostly. :3 Other than PLH, I don't have any other things I really need to save up for. And I've been doing pretty darn good at saving up, too! I just mentioned a Wii U, right? xD I saved up for it, and now I have it!
Another thing, though, is that now that the holidays are over, I'm getting next to no hours at work. Looks like they won't be letting me go, and I just got my discount card too, so I should count my blessings. :D But from now until I start getting more hours, I'm going to latch onto all of my free cash like it's my life. xD No more fast food for a while!!! I'll need it all for gas money, I bet. Not that I'll be doing much driving for all the hours I'm getting. But hey, more free time to work on my hobby projects! Maybe I'll spend some time figuring out some solutions for this place.

If anyone reads this, give me a sign! xD You can leave a comment without logging in if you don't mind filling out a captcha to do so. Anyone else out there have a 3DS and/or Wii U? Send me your Freind Codes and such!
And with that, peace, everyone. Keep on puzzlin'~
- Buster

EDIT: Stupid Webs text fields not letting me use Google Chrome's auto-spellcheck... Let me know if you see any typos, either in these blog posts or anywhere around the site! Even a simple grammar error. I make mistakes sometimes, I won't get mad or anything. xD I hate having incorrect spelling/grammar in things.

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