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Hooray for eBay!

Posted by BusterTheFox on November 30, 2012 at 5:10 AM

So, I'm back once again just to let you know that I'm not dead. I check up on this place at LEAST once a week, and usually I try to check in more often than that. But, as expected, there hasn't been much activity. As for my job, it's going pretty well; I'm getting more hours lately, so that's good. :p Although most of it has gone to gas... and eBay.

Let's see, what all have I bought on eBay already...
Pokémon Yellow Version
Monster Rancher Battle Card GB
A new battery cover for my Gameboy Color...
A light/magnifying glass add-on for said Gameboy...
Tetris Attack GB
Pokémon Puzzle Challenge
A little Mr. Saturn fridge magnet from the game Earthbound
and a handheld game called Skannerz Commander.


What can I say? I like my Gameboy games.

No wonder I can't save any money, though. x'D But actually, I've bought everything I've been wanting so far, so I should be breaking from the magical world of eBay for a while. I still want to get this place a real URL and everything, but I suck at money so far. :/ I'm getting used to it, though. Plus, Christmas gifts...

Enough about that, though, I got Pokémon Puzzle Challenge~! My personal favorite of all the games. My best chain is already at 8, and I've beaten Super-Hard mode... Now I just gotta beat Insane mode, unlock all of the extra Pokémon, and beat the Puzzle/Line Clear Modes, and I'm done with it already... Although, I always sucked at Puzzle Mode. So we'll see. I haven't gotten TAGB yet, though, it's running pretty late in delivery...

Anyway, I have Puzzle Challenge now. I guess that's the big thing. I'm still saving for a new computer and such, so I still don't have enough free cash to buy this place some shiny new stuff. But, someday, someday. ;p Hopefully sooner, but, you know.

So I guess this update was pretty boring. Sorry. xD Feel free to use the "Contact Us" link at the top there to contact me via e-mail if you ever wanna play an online game. I have online TA set up via Hamachi, and I also have Planet Puzzle League. Or, you can contact me for any other reason!

'Till next time,

EDIT: By the way, August 14th was PLH's second birthday!! Happy birthday, PLH!! YA~Y!! xD

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