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I Got a Job!

Posted by BusterTheFox on October 1, 2012 at 7:30 PM

About four days ago, I got myself hired as a cashier at Wal-Mart! YAY!!! My orientation is this coming Wednesday.

How does this affect you, you ask? Why, because a job means money! And money means me buying stuff. And me buying stuff will eventually mean buying one of them premium memberships. Meaning PLH will finally become puzzleleague.net, we can finally get the infirmation pages up (and not have to rely on Wikia), and... so much more.

As you can imiagine, buying a membership for this site isn't my highest priority. This poor computer of mine is breaking down, and even my cell phone is starting to turn itself off randomly. So, I need to replace my tech. After that, everything else is just stuff I want, like a Wii U and, well, a Webs membership. So, I guess it depends on what I'll have to buy first (oh, and, of course, whether or not I can actually keep the job!). I'll need to pay for gas, too...

Well, anyway! With that, I have a bit more to say about the tournament! First of all, I managed to find a good way to record Planet Puzzle League gameplay. I've uploaded a new version of my x16 Chain video to my blazefire14 account (maybe I should make a PuzzleLeagueHeaven account...). Of course, I have a little advertisment in the video's description. :D 

I'm also going to try to post around a bit at TA.org. Tell them about the tourney and stuff. I think I wasn't persisant enough with them. xD It's not that they don't care about me (well, I guess it is that, but in a good way), they're just so laid back that they're like, "Oh, cool. Well, keep it up". Anyway, I'll try to make a few posts over there.

Alright, so. I haven't made any other updates, but JOIN THE TOURNAMENT!!! ^_^ http://puzzleleague.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/5770680-plh-grand-opening-cup

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