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Site Updates

Posted by BusterTheFox on September 22, 2012 at 5:05 AM Comments comments (0)

I've made a few nice updates to the site. The biggest surprise is, I didn't add any more downloads! XD Some of these are big changes, some of them are smaller. I'll list the important ones. Everything else is just like... fixing typos and stuff. For some reason, Google Chrome's Spell Checker doesn't work on PLH's text fields. >.>;


Firstly, I've been going through the pages getting rid of stuff we didn't need. Ironaically, we're now down to ten pages, which is the normal cap Webs has on free users like me. ^_^; There was nothing useful I could've done with the extra pages anyway, so I decided not to waste the space. The changes I made are here:


- Deleted the Rules page. I copies the rules into a stickied topic on the forums, so they're not lost. I also updated them a bit.


- Deleted the Community page.


- Deleted the Calendar. Its only use was to remind us of PLH's birthday, which I saved into a text file (PLH was made on August 14th, 2010, by the way). Maybe if we start holding more tournaments (which requires more interested members!), I'll bring it back.


- Re-arranged the top bar:

- Removed Calendar and Community

- Added Forum and Members

- Moved the existing selections to fit relavence... or something


- Made a few updates around the site, such as changing up the descriptions of some forum categories, removing the link to the now non-existant Ladder page, and other random stuff.






In somewhat more exciting (?) news, I've re-opened the tournament. In a way, it was never really closed. But anyway, I have a plan for it, now. Anyone who wants to register for it is free to do so. I even have a legit prize, now! You'll be the first member to have themselves featured right up next to the PLH logo, which I will make and upload upon the tourney's completion!


Get full details on the new details at the topic, HERE.




I think that's about it. So now, I have a question for you guys.


I recently became more familiar with Wikia thanks to another project of mine. As such, I've been debating whether or not I should transfer the game information pages over to a Wikia site. I recently upgraded the site to Webs' new SiteBuilder 3, so I'm looking to see if they come out with a new Wiki app first. If they reply to me and say that they aren't or don't have it, I'm going to go ahead and put them up there.


So, the question I have for you is, considering Wikia would be a decent way to host this type of thing, should I delete the Photos and Screenshots and Videos pages? I'm not sure if anyone even gets much use out of them aside from maybe getting the box art or something, which I could easily add to a Wikia page. If I get the O.K. to delete them, the extra pages would be available to me for any future ideas I might have. For instance, I'm thinking about adding an on-site chatroom somewhere. I'll probably be more likely to create an IRC channel, but I'm not too sure on how to do that.


Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments!

Tetris Attack in Game Informer

Posted by BusterTheFox on September 21, 2012 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (0)

I recently received my copy of issue 234 of Game Informer. I beleive that's either for September of November, I don't really keep track of this magazine stuff... But it's for this year, and it's, as of this post, the most recent issue. This issue makes a small mention of Tetris Attack that tells me exactly why TA sites don't get any visitors. I just so happen to have a decent-enough scanner, so I've scanned it up for the world to see:


The insert about TA is down in the bottom-right, number 10 in the list. As you can see, this article is about 10 games that would make for good iOS games.

The blurb seen in the article is below:

"This classic SNES puzzle game has been left on the shelf so long that many people probably think Bejeweled wwas the innovator of the 'match three' game style. It's time for Nintendo to hook a new generation of gamers with the true originator."

This tells me everything I need to know, and it's all Nintendo's fault... Okay, that sounds more accusing than it was meant to be, but just putting this article together with what I already know tells me the entire story.

1. People don't know what it is.

The main reason why this Puzzle League series hasn't seen any action. Let's think back. The first game in the series was titled Tetris Attack. In Japan, it was, of course, Panel de Pon. The very next game in the series was Pokémon Puzzle League. The series was getting a new installment, but people who were new to the series thought it was a brand new game, mainly because of the switch to Pokémon and the obvious name change (there is a place in the Pokémon games called "Pokémon League", and it is where the final battle happens). I've seen many people who played the original SNES Tetris Attack who thought that PPL was ripping off TA or had never even looked into PPL at all because they never even thought it was another game in the series! Of course, the rest of the games in the series kept this new naminig metric. It's very worthy to note, also, that in Japan, ALL of the games kept their original "Panel de Pon" name.

2. Nobody ever explained this stuff.

Search through all of the games post-Tetris Attack. You will find nothing saying anything about an SNES game or even the name "Tetris". Remember also that the original creator of Tetris (the actual game, not Tetris Attack) has said that he regrets allowing Nintendo to use the name. That may be why the series had a name change in the future, as well. And as this article in a hugely popular magazine has clearly demonstrated, many people still think to this day that TA is the first and LAST game in the series.

It's simply ignorance of the series' existance, really. You could also, however, attribute it to a lack of advertising. Intelligent Systems, the creators of the Puzzle League series, also created Fire Emblem, a strategy game that has been hugely popular ever since it had its first release in the US. In fact, the company is working on a brand new entry to the series for the 3DS right now. These are the games that are shown in E3, advertised heavily, get the reveiws on gaming websites. However, Planet Puzzle league and Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict were both games from the same company that I didn't know about until I saw them on store shelves. And take into consideration that the original Advance Wars on the GBA was an award-winning game that had great sales. In fact, it's in the same boat with Fire Emblem. Both had original releases way back on the Nintendo Famicom (NES) way back when. they only came to America recently, on the Game Boy Advance. Tetris Attack was localised immediatly, but they changed so much of it that it just wasn't the same game anymore (at least they left the game engine intact).

I apologize if I've missed anything obvious here. I didn't have this at all planned out. I just wanted to point out some things that I've come to understand about the series and why it may not be as popular as it should be. I plan to E-mail Game Informer to tell them about the mistake, and hey, maybe we can get some exposure in there. :p and speaking of mistakes, they seem to have thought that Tactics Ogre was a Square Enix game; they must have confused it with Final Fantasy Tactics. >_> Tactics Ogre is an IP of Atlus... Haha. Clearly the person who wrote this article is somewhat uninformed. Or maybe I am. I dunno, I've only played the GBA one, and that one was made by Atlus... I don't know why Square would buy Tactics Ogre when they already have the more-successful Final Fantasy Tactics. Anyway.

First actual Puzzle League related news I've seen in forever. Comments?

An update! Wow!

Posted by BusterTheFox on July 9, 2012 at 6:35 AM Comments comments (1)

I figured I needed to update this place every once in a while. And I have just the thing for you guys today.

No surprise here, but I've uploaded another fan game to the Downloads page. This time, it's a clone for the Nintendo DS title "Tetatt DS". This is a homebrew game that you'll need either an emulator or a flash card for. It's pretty darn good, so check it out if you have the know-how!

As for the future of this place... I really don't know. I figure it's going to stay dead until a new Puzzle League game comes out, IF one ever does. Intelligent Systems seems too busy with Fire Emblem nowadays to bother with any of its other series'. Honestly, I doubt having a legit URL and a bit of advertising is going to take us very far. There just aren't enough fans who care to join a community right now!

I was on an Advance Wars fan site recently (Advance Wars was also created by Intelligent Systems, for those who don't know) and they seem to be going through the same thing. Thier forum has over 5,000 registered members, but even so, it sees hardly any activity. As they put it, (and I'm paraphrasing here) "No interest, no activity. Less activity, less interest. Communities tend to really die down when people start to lose interest in the topic at hand. The only way for it to go back to its former glory is for it to get a big 'ol shot in the arm to revive it, which, in this case, could only be a new Advance Wars game."

I tend to agree with that thought. Sure, I like Puzzle League. Yeah, I thought it was a really cool idea to start up a fan site for other people like me.
But as it turns out... Am I the only one...?


Well, as far as I know, I'm the only one who ever checks up on this website. And even that isn't often.

I know, let's do a speed run for charity. xD That'll draw attention to Puzzle League!

EDIT: Derp, of course I forgot in all of that dramatic rambling, but anyway, as I added the new game to the Downloads page, I also updated a few things.
- First of all, I fixed the download link for the Pokémon Puzzle League Soundtrack. It was on MultiUpload before, but most (if not all) of the sites MultiUpload uploaded to are now down. Heck, MU itself is probably down! So anyway, I uploaded it to my Dropbox account. I'm pretty sure it's still uploading even as I type this, but it'll be available soon enough.
- Nextly, I fixed some grammar stuff (basically, I put the titles of games into italics, cause that's the proper way to do it) and re-wrote some of the descriptions of games to sound a little less bloggy.

Know what I just noticed? Google Chrome's spell check feature doesn't work in this particular text editor. Hmph. What a pain.

Good try, no cigar

Posted by BusterTheFox on April 5, 2012 at 4:15 AM Comments comments (0)

I do apologize for my late response, but as you can see, I wasn't able to get that membership. :( I'll admit I've had no luck with getting calls from places who are hiring, but I am trying.

I am, however, about to get a brand new computer. Not sure when, but next Thursday at the earliest. Not THIS Thursday as in tomorrow on April 5th (Well, it's past midnight, so today) but the next week's Thursday. May be a bit after that, and I might have to have it shipped. But anyway, with the extra speed I'll be getting I might find myself with a bit more extra time on my hands... XD Which means I might feel inclined to come back to this place for some advertising. But that's just a small possibility.

I really want to see this place up and running. I hope everyone can wait for a little while longer! ^_^

Don't get your hopes up too much, but...

Posted by BusterTheFox on March 20, 2012 at 12:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Webs is having a HUGE two-day sale. I mean HUGE. They are offering their Enhanced package for 25% off. That's about 75$ as opposed to the usual 100$. That alone is a good sale, but they're also offering DOUBLE the bandwidth and storage for FREE. That means instead of, say, 100MB bandwidth and 5000MB web storage for $100, I would be getting 200MB of badwidth and 10000MB of web storage for $75. Those aren't the actualy numbers, but you see why this sale is so sweet.

Of course, if you read the last update you'll know that I do NOT have seventy-five bucks right now. My sister already said she couldn't do it for me (although she said she would if she had the means), so my only hope lies with my father. My brother works a minimum wage job and my dad handles all of my mom's money, too. Unless I suddenly suffer an influx of web traffic and people who wanna donate to the cause, my dad is the only person who can help me get this awesome deal.

Note that it probably WON'T happen. That's how life goes, unfortunately... But if it DOES happen, I'll be putting some good effort into this place again. We will have the domain name puzzleleague.net (Just checked, it's still available) and I will be putting the Game Info stuff onto separate pages. Then I'm going to re-submit the site to Google. That should hopefully get us a bit more traffic...?

I'm not sure how to advertise otherwise. the few videos I posted on YouTube didn't seem to do much, and they were a pain to get, too. One of them was taken with my cell phone camera, and the others were only slightly impressive chains. I've made a couple of sexy chains in my day, but it's not like I can do it any 'ol time. Haha! In any case, I should think up some places and ways to advertise. The Enhanced package comes with $50 of both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads credit, so I MIGHT use those if they don't make me input a credit card number or whatever (Yeah, right. Unlikely, much?). Umm, I could try advertising on my social network accounts, but I'm only connected to actual friends and family on Facebook and I have only two followers on Twitter who seem to be the type who just hit "Follow" on every single person they see. >.>;

Of course, I'm VERY grateful to the few members we currently have! A big round of applause to you guys for believing in this project! :3 You guys gave me the drive to keep going and you're the reason I'll keep on coming back! ^_^

Ok... So yeah. To re-cap, I MIGHT be able to get a domain name and everything very soon. That could help us take off and would allow me to finally finish the site.

To end, I have a short paragraph of news.
I recently came across a new Puzzle League fan game, but I'm not sure of its legitamacy. I can't even find a .exe or .jar file to run among the games files. I'll upload it if I figure out how to get it to work, though! :)
Also, I'm removing the Online Ladder page for now. Since we don't have one and I don't plan on learning advanced HTML and Javascript right now, it's really only serving as a false hope for fans thinking that it exists. I'm still looking for webpage designers who would be willing to help out! In the future, I may be able to pay you, but until then, I really hope I find someone who knows what they're doing and can keep up with the project.

Ummmmm... I guess I'm done! I've made a couple of small changes around the site, mainly fixing typos and changing text that doesn't apply anymore. PLEASE, if you see a typo, any typo at all, go ahead and E-Mail me about it telling me where and what it is! Not only do typos bother me personally (and, therefore, other people as well), but I want this place to look as good as possible.

Okay. That turned out pretty lengthy. I'll make a new post in a day or two telling you how the upgrade thing turned out. Keep your fingers crossed!

Future Plans

Posted by BusterTheFox on March 12, 2012 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (2)

It's been a long time, hasn't it? Here's an update that I hope will give all of you who are waiting for this place to come alive some hope for the future. :)

Just so you know, I've never really given up on this place; I simply don't have the means to support it right now. However, I'm hoping to soon be able to get this place running again. It all depends on how things work out in real life:

Recently got my driver's lisence, so I'm now out searching for a job. Once I start getting some cash, I'm going to save up for some things. For instance, I'm in need of a new computer and I would like to get some money for college and a car to take me to and from places.

However, after I get all of that stuff out of the way, I hope to buy on of them premium memberships with Webs to get this place a legit URL and get some actual pages for putting all of the game information on. I hate having to make people download text files. Also, I have a few things on the Downloads page that are pretty big, and we only get 500MB of bandwidth per month. Don't forget, people just surfing the website itself also take up some of that, and if those people find a lot of the downloads to be interesting, well, there's nothing stopping them from downloading 5 copies of every file there. Haha! Also, for some strange reason, Webs only allows us a maximum of 25 form submission every month. That means that if we suddenly have a ton of traffic, only 25 people can join as members every month. Don't forget that the Contact Us page is also a form.

My hope is to use some of my hard-earned cash to get unlimited (or at least a large number of) these things so that I don't have to worry so much about people being unable to join or contact me, or otherwise be unable to download files or surf the site in general. Plus, having our own URL would make the site look better in general and, I think, raise our Google PageRank, making us easier to find. Right now, PLH doesn't even come up if you google "Puzzle League Heaven". It doesn't even come up if you put in "http://puzzleleague.webs.com"! You DO get the few YouTube videos I uploaded to help promote the site though. At least there's that... At least there's that. -_-;

So, that's about it. Hopefully I'll have the cash for it sooner rather than later, but other things simply take higher priority right now. Meanwhile, feel free to contribute in any way you want. If you have the time and motivation, it would be VERY nice if we had an external Wiki to use temporarily for the Game Information pages. That way, anyone who wanted to could add stuff to it. As far as I know, there is currently no Puzzle League Wiki (just googled it. Nothing but single entries in Wikipedia and the Nintendo Wiki).

Anyway, hope to deliver a quality Puzzle League site when that time comes! In the mean time, I hope everyone enjoys what PLH currently has to offer. :)

Tournament post-poned

Posted by BusterTheFox on September 24, 2011 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Can't say it's a big surprise, but the PLH Grand Opening Tourny has been officially post-poned until further notice.

Anyone who has been keeping up with the site has probably already noticed that I let the start date slip by me. Life has been more hectic than ever for me lately; Not to mention we didn't meet the minimum amount of contestants. I just haven't really had the time for side projects like PLH.

Meanwhile, the people at Tetris Attack.org seem more interested in just doing their own thing. I was hoping they would be a little more enthusiastic about it, but that's okay. It seems they aren't as incredibly into the game as much as they were when they started up. But that's just my observation.

Anyway, just needed to stop by and lay down the news. I will be continuing to work on the site when I have the time and drive to do so. I'm gonna have to put PLH on the back burner for now. Anyway, if registered members want to help out, I believe it's possible for regular members to add photos and videos to their respective sections. Of course, there's also the inactive forums. You could always make a few topics over there and post around a bit to get it started.

If you REALLY wanna help out, you could try making a video of Puzzle League gameplay and slapping the link on at the end and such. YouTube seems to be where it's at for advertising, so if you want to see more activity, that's probably you're best bet if you wanna try it out. :)

Enjoy what the site has to offer so far,

We wait.

Posted by BusterTheFox on September 8, 2011 at 2:15 AM Comments comments (0)

I checked my E-Mail today to find that my registration to TA.org's forum was finally accepted! I've left them with a wall of text explaining the situation... Hopefully they get back to me soon.

In the mean time, we're still waiting for a few more people to register for the tourney. I'm hoping some people from TA.org will join. Depending on what happens with them, I may be able to post about it on the TA.org forum. But I'm not going to count my chickens before they hatch here.

In other news, I managed to track down an official copy of Dr. Mario and Puzzle League today! I also got my best chain up to 14! Dunno when, but I got pretty fast since that last time I played an older Puzzle League. Haha!

Oh, and don't mind my last post there... Real life shouldn't be flooding its way into my internet hobbies... Although I appreciate the concern.

Well, for now we wait. Meanwhile, enjoy everything the site has to offer!


EDIT: Panel Attack has been updated! I recently came accross SharpObject, the developer of the game. He gave me first edition access to the latest build of the game. It's been made much easier to run on Windows, and a few new features are in as well. Sharp gave me permission to upload it, so check out the latest build of Panel Attack on the Downloads page!

Guess I should also say, I recently had a few other ideas for making the site better (and more complete, for that matter). Not gonna reveal just what those are until I decide to work on any of them, but I'll let you know if I do.

Worst day of my life.

Posted by BusterTheFox on September 2, 2011 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (1)

This piece of crap website won't let me copy/paste from Wordpad. The gist of the message I wanted to send was:

- Today sucked BIG TIME. I am PISSED OFF.

- Forgot to open the tourney thread yesterday due to real life. It's open for registration now.

- No word from TA.org. I'm gonna look for a Contact us page on thier site and ask them to hurry up and accept my forum registration.


EDIT: Turns out the topic was never locked to begin with. Bleh.

Tetris Attack dot org!?!?!?

Posted by BusterTheFox on August 27, 2011 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (4)

As I was advertsing on the Tube, a user brought to my attention a site called Tetrisattack.org. At first, I was like, "oh, CRAP! I didn't know there was already another site!!!". I took a look around, and it seems to have a good userbase of Puzzle League lovers, although it is a bit small with only 69 registered members (well, 70 once they accept me. I hope to make a peace treaty with them. XD).

Anyway, if you've been following the site, you'll know that I created this place out of a lack of Puzzle League "central information hubs", as it were. While this other site has a bit of info on the different games, PLH stands as having more information. They seem more centralized around people uploading high scores and videos and things.

Anyway, seeing as my goal was to create a site that didn't exist, hopefully we can collaborate something here... Meanwhile, I still have a few things here that I have yet to see there, such as more extensive game info and downloads. I still have to do a LOT more work on the game info, mind you, but that'll have to wait until I can really get the stuff on a page.

Sooooo, yeah. Here's the TL;DR:
Another site, tetrisattack.org, came to my attention. They have an active community, but not much in terms of game info. I'm waiting on the admin there to approve my account. Once I can post on their forum, I'm going to let them know about the site in a freindly way. Perhaps we can sort of fuse their community with my base of knowledge, downloads, and other things?

We'll have to see where this goes, but for now, I'll look at it as an opportunity to hopefully get some more members! Or at least make a good affiliate site. We DO kind of offer different stuff.

Anyway, we're gonna keep hopeful. Even if they spit venom at me and perma-IP-ban me from their site, PLH will continue on. I doubt that'll happen, though. They started TA.org for almost the same reason as I started PLH, and they really seem to have a passion for the game.

Here's to hoping,