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Sporadic Update

Posted by BusterTheFox on September 10, 2014 at 5:40 AM

Heyo. It's been a while, so I'm here to say a few things!

First of all, TetrisAttack.net is still dead. :( Just checked back a few minutes ago, latest activity on the site is still from July of 2013. That is now saying something, as we are now approaching 2015. A bit strange, really, I wonder what made them wanna ditch the forums and stuff in the first place? They had mentioned spam bot problems they've had in the past... Still, it really is a shame.

On that note, I wish I could offer the community something better than a silly Webs site like this. I realize it's not much. But darn it, it's what I've got access to! I know a teeny bit of HTML, but not enough to emulate what this site can do for me (specifically the forums and blog setups). And even if I could get some solution for that, it sure wouldn't look pretty. Probably black text centered on a white background with pretty much just a few links at the top. I at least know how to do images and the like. Whatever, the point is, I'm not capable of it, and I don't plan to learn HTML any further at any point in the forseeable future, so... Yeah. Although I hear it's not hard to install a Wordpress forum on a website, and I could use Disqus for comments on Blog posts, but I am not sure exactly if there's any public domain website software for blog posts. xD

Finally, I cannot BELIEVE I used Rich Text files for the info files. What was I thinking?? And then one of them is a .zip file just because I found some images with passwords on them, and I didn't feel like taking the time to fill out a table, so I just stuck it in there... Just... We need a better solution.

On that note, I think it would be best to make a general Puzzle League Wiki, and then have it be quietly maintained by PLH (Rather than saying "THIS IS THE INFO PAGES AT PUZZLE LEAGE HEAVEN"). However, I'm currently having a very hard time in college, and I have a number of other responsibilities in real life now, more than I've ever had recurring weekly at the same time. Sunday is watching the nephew half the day (plus driving him around thanks to church), Monday is school from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Tuesday I'm a leader in an after school program that takes itself VERY seriously, Wednesday is school till 5 again, plus I play in the Wednesday night church worship band until something like 8:30 (So I basically get to do nothing for myself on Wednesdays), Thursday is the one day where I don't do anything, and therefore I tend to have to schedule any appointments on that day, so I still don't always get the day free, Friday is school, though only the first class today, which gets off at 1:25 PM, and saturday night I have to go to my sister's house to sleep over so I can be there in the morning to watch the nephew on Sunday. Note that I'm getting $25 a week for watching the nephew, too.

So yeah, I kinda swamped myself. I'm under a lot of stress, and my personal projects have had very little attention from me lately as a result. I tend to play video games all day in my spare time to unwind. :p I couldn't even BEGIN to tell you how highly enchanted all of my full diamond equipment is in Minecraft right now. LOL! True story, too. for those in the know, look up how to make an Enderman XP farm in The End... Totally worth it.

Oh, um, what I was trying to say by all that is that if I were to set up said wiki, I know for a fact I would have to be the one to fill out all the pages, add all the videos and images, etc., since nobody else is very likely to help out, and I ABSOLUTELY do not have time for that. Heck, I still haven't gotten around to updating my Underdog Creations wiki. I haven't touched it in a VERY long time now. My YouTube channel is being neglected, as well. Oh, and not to mention I have to keep track of the stuff I'm selling on eBay to help out my family. I'll be getting a lot of money for what I'm selling hopefully, and I'm not going to be able to keep any of it, haha! I mean, I could, but the entire reason I listed it was to help them out. I'll spare you any other details, as I've noticed I may be rambling on just a little bit. Though I guess my life's current state is a long story at the moment, so it makes sense.

Anyone who sees this, PLEASE comment! :) I'd like to know if people still like this game... I don't even play it much anymore, but I like it enough to think it at least deserves a website. Just... a more decent one than this. And one in English. :p Even Meteos has a Wiki, and while I realize that's a super-fun game in its own right, made by the creator of Super Smash Bros. and everything, a puzzle game's a puzzle game... I dunno, I'm starting to confuse myself. That's my queue to end this off! Enjoy the awesome and organized downloads page, and stay away from those RTF files, they are full of misinformation... 

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