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Download Page Re-organized

Posted by BusterTheFox on May 9, 2014 at 11:35 AM

I just finished rebuilding the Downloads page. It's a much more effecient and eye-pleasing design now. Along with that, I've changed up how I host the majority of the stuff.
First of all, I'm now linking directly to official websites for anything that has one. This means I won't be hosting outdated versions of 7-Zip or Block Attack or whatever. Plus, those sites tend to have download links for all supported OSes already too, so there's that. It also helps me to save space in my actual Webs account (They only give you, like, 75 MB of storage on a free account).
For larger files like Panepon Harmony and the Pokemon Puzzle League soundtrack, I've begun hosting them on MediaFire. After all, MediaFire is much more reliable and lets me have much more storage space (10 GB) than Dropbox (~4 GB), which has been very strange for me lately (Uploads taking eons to complete, inaccurate upload speeds, etc.).
So yeah, I've got a pretty darn good solution for keeping my downloads organized from now on. Oh, and before I forget, I removed a few things that were redundant and also added links to all the sprite sheets I could find lying around.
As I mentioned above, I finally added Panepon Harmony, but I have yet to get the PDF manuals uploaded. I'm not entirely sure if I want those on the downloads page... I'd rather have links to them on the Game Info pages. But we all know the status of the game info pages, and it won't likely change anytime soon without me paying some money that I don't have. D: But I am about to do a little one-off job for some cash, so... I guess whether I use that to buy a premie depends on how much I get from it. We'll see, I suppose. I really wish I could have, like, just a one week trial so I can set everything up and make sure it would really be worth it to me. But, alas. They don't offer a free trial. Not that I know of, anyway.

So now that the Downloads page is cleaned up and the theme is less eye-burning, I suppose it's time to look at what else needs refreshing. I think the blurb on the home page could use a rewrite. Maybe I can re-organize the forum categories or something.

On that note, what is your opinion on using Wikia for the Game Info pages temporarily?

- We finally get the pages
- It's an actual wiki, so anyone can edit in new information and edit out misinformation
- It allows for easy storage of videos and photos (That would mean I could get rid of two excess pages cluttering up the site)
- It could serve as a general Puzzle Leage/Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon wiki, as one does not yet exist. Comparable to Mario wiki or the like.

- It's an external site. Not only do I not want the info pages to be separate from PLH itself, it also means users will have to create a new account separate from the one you can make here. There won't be any integration.
- It'll be hard to link back and fourth between the site and the wiki. Sure, I can place links in the topbars and all, but the topbar won't remain consistant like I would want it to.
- Speaking of consistancy, Wikia uses a white-colored theme, whereas I am using a dark-colored them. xD Even if I switched to a different one, they wouldn't match.

As far as what I would like to do, I refer you to the setup Serebii.net has. They're a Pokemon fan site. If you go there, you can see how they have their pages layed out. I'd like to set up our pages like that, only in a wiki format since Puzzle League doesn't have any kind of "main info hub" currently. In Pokemon's case, we have Bulbapedia, the official POkemon website, and countless more Pokemon websites where you can read about different aspects of the series, but, as I've said, Puzzle League doesn't have that. It's what I aim to create, though! The series deserves at least a decent wiki, doesn't it? :)

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