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Posted by BusterTheFox on January 3, 2014 at 11:30 PM

Staring at this new background for too long (A few seconds) makes my eyes hurt. Also, I was on the home page, then I clicked Content (Which is kind of an ambiguous thing to have in the nearly-invisible hotbar). I barely even noticed the page has changed because the layout is exactly the same. Before I clicked on the link, I read the blurb about the site on the home page. It was kinda boring and really bland and didn't actually say much about the site and why it exists.
Later on, I looked through my downloads. I have a file that claims to be a Panel de POn "Sprite Pack", but it can hardly be considered that. It actually only has the background portrait images of all the different characters in it. There are no panel sprites, so sprites of Lip walking on that rainbow trail, nothing like that. Oh, and LIPS, I believe, is a Windows-only program. If not, I've failed to provide Mac OSX and Linux builds of the program. I've always strived (Strove? Stroven? I have no idea) to have compatibility with all OSes with my downloads where possible, but I seem to have gotten lazy at some point.
Then, I looked through some of the photos and screenshots and found that in a Nintendo Puzzle Collection photo, I referred to Furil as Lip. I'm pretty sure that's wrong (Lip and Furil are different characters, right? Right).

So anyhow, I've let this place slip. Big time. Took me a while to come back and notice it. Also, it really is seriously important for me to get those information pages up. I need to do some more research of my own; I recenlty found out that there were originally plans to release Nintendo Puzzle Collection stateside, but it got cancelled. I even managed to track down what might have been the English-language box art (I'm not sure if it's official or a mock-up, but it looks really cool and has some sort of text under the title. The image is super tiny though, so I can't make it out). In any case, it's not a big deal at the moment. I'll get it uploaded soon enough, though!

I've also been collecting PDF files of all of the game's manuals. Currently, I have all of the English-language game manuals in my possesion. I'm hoping to be able to get the Japanese ones at some point, but since this is an English-language website, I assume not many people will get use out of them (Unless a Japanese-speaking fan happens upon this place and wants to take a look at them). I'll get them eventually, but for now I'll be uploading the English-language ones I've tracked down.
Finally, I've come across a "Panel de Pon Remastered" official soundtrack, downloadable for free from the official website, although only one track at a time. They offer both low and high quality versions of each track, so I've downloaded both versions of each track and put them into separate .zip folders, which I will later get up on the downloads page along with those manuals and other things.

But first, I'm going to take a little while to change up Puzzle League Heaven. I'll start by reverting to a default site layout and then I'll try to make this place recognizable as the PdP/TA/PL fan site that it is without the painful background. Later on I'll get a new (More subdued) PdP-themed background image for the site. It may not come as a surprise to anyone, but I actually made this BG myself by taking the blocks out of a Nintendo Puzzle Collection screenshot and tiling them by hand in Paint... The result KINDA works, but it's not fun to stare at for a long time as you browse the site...
While I'm doing said cleanup, I'll do my best to re-organize my pages and, best case scenario, I can finally get the information pages back up. I've done a page clean-up before though, and I don't want to sacrifice the Photos and Screenshots section, among other things. I don't care much for the videos section at current as it doesn't really provide anything worthwhile to the site aside from that one Planet Puzzle League trailer, which isn't very interesting anyway. It's not so hard to find that kind of thing on YouTube. On that note, it's not tough to find screenshots or box art on Google, either. If I get the info pages up, I'll be wanting to post box art and screenshots there anyway, so maybe I can let that one go, too. I just wish Webs hadn't removed their old Wiki page app... That's the only reason we don't have legit pages up right now even though we did before. :<

In more other news, Tetrisattack.org has shut down their forums due to a spam bot problem (Back in July of 2013). They haven't posted any updates on their front page blog since then. I was able to leave a comment on said blog post in an attempt to get into contact with someone from over there, but I'm not expecting much. While I'm going to keep on checking back to see if there's anything new, for now I'm going to assume that the place has effectively gone offline, leaving me as the only TA fan site left.
So to be honest, I was going there planning to request that I merge my projects (Compiling things like translation patches, fan games and manuals as I have been as well as writing in-depth articles about the games, their history, Etc.) into their site. This is because, a. They've been around for longer than I have, and they've even held real-life tournaments at the PAX convention over the years, so they totally have seniority over me. Not only that, most of them actually came from the now-defunct tetrisattack.net, so these people have been around since WAY before I got myself involved. and b. This series has such a small and rather inactive following as it is. For a while I thought it would be fine to just have us co-exist in a way, knowing the other is there but never really interacting. I think that did more harm than good, creating some kind of unseen tension and dividing the already-miniscule fan base between us (LOL not that I really have many members here, but, well, I have a few I guess... thanks for being here, guys). I was pretty disheartened when I saw that the forums had gone offline and that the last that had been heard from the TA.org gang had been months ago.

I'm considering removing the Members feature of the site, and, by extention, the forums. IIRC, you don't need to be signed into an account in order to comment on these blogs posts, so at least there will be that. And, instead of a Contact Us page (Lol contact US? Should say Contact Me), I'll probably just stick something like, "Wanna get in touch? Email me at [email protected]" (sponser!) in the site's footer so that I don't have to waste a valuable page on it.

Although, even removing all those pages probably won't make room for all the games in the series to fit within the darn page limit... At the same time, it feels strange to re-write whatever you could find in the Wikipedia articles for any respective game. Only differences I would make would be something like linking up to the Panel de Pon translation patch on its page and maybe having a screenshot of the translated title screen.

MEEEEEH. This kinda sucks. I just want this series to have a decent site where English-speaking fans can go to get information and other goodies relating to the series! It doesn't even need to have an even semi-active forum, just so long as it educates people about the games and their respective histories while providing resources like the translation patch I keep on mentioning (I love that thing... haha. Not that you really need to come here to find it, it's probably on most emulation sites that host that type o thing by now)... I'm tired. Time to publish this long-winded post and brainstorm how I can make this place the best it can be. Is it worth buying a one-year membership? I could test out having a real domain name and having all of the information pages up along with not having to sacrifice the forums or anyting like that. Maybe I'll start saving up... I don't know. I'd rather have it in wiki format than a bunch of boring pages that look the same that only I can edit. But then, once again, we have Wikipedia for that. Gah! So many tough things for me to think about.

Very tired and a bit stressed out,
(But I'll be fine after a good night's sleep!)

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