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Fan-games and awesome chains

Posted by BusterTheFox on August 22, 2011 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Today in Endless Mode, I got a x21 Chain... But YESTERDAY, I got a x22 chain!!! That's my new best. I also got a x16 chain, my third best-ever chain, in Score Attack Mode. The replay was saved, and I have recorded/uploaded the video to YouTube! I slapped the link on the video pretty much everywhere (Meaning the start, the finish, and the description), so anyone who watches it should at least see the link. I wish I could've recorded the x22 Chain, though. ;-;
Meanwhile, I'm also gonna work on getting some sweet chains in the Game Boy (Color/Advance) games in my emulator... While recording... But I've been having trouble with audio getting off from the video, so I might be limited to Time Attack on those instead of going to Marathon and hoping I do great eventually.

In other news, I've finally gotten around to adding Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks' Linux version to the downloads page. While I was at it, I managed to add a Spanish translation of the game, as well as Puzzle Editor programs for bith Windows and Linux. After that, I decided I would search around for some other Puzzle League clones (Most fan-games seem to be made by Linux users who only know about the original Tetris attack... >.>;). I found three other games! One of them, "Crack Attack!", works very well. While it most certainly doesn't emulate Tetris Attack perfectly, it's a very fun game on its own. The game is in 3D (it looks a lot like Bejeweled), and runs on low-spec computers. Another one I found, TetrisAttackJava, aims to perfectly clone the original Tetris Attack, right down to music and characters. It didn't work on my computer, but it might on others, so I'm going to add this as well. So far, it ONLY emulates the game system, with a few bugs. It selects a random character for you and the computers when you begin the game; Here's the best part. It supports up to 8-player battles! the computers have a crazy high level, though, and as I said, there are some bugs, most of which make the computer even harder to beat. Either way, you might as well give it a try! 
Finally, I found Panel Attack. It runs on a scripting engine called LOVE, and you are required to download and install this engine before you can play the game. I haven't tested this game out yet, but it should work alright.

I'll give this post an edit once I get these things uploaded. I'm going to separate these for a Fan-Game section like I did for the music downloads, not that it makes much of a difference. It just makes things easier to find.
Oh yeah, I never said this before, but, same as with the Game Info, I hope to separate the Downloads page into a few different pages when I get the chance. Mostly so that I can separate them into certain categories. For instance, one for programs like Audio Overload and 7-Zip. Another for music, another for sprite packs and images. Another one for Fan-Games... ETC.

Chaining for the cause,

EDIT: Crack Attack, Tetris Attack Java and Panel Attack are now uploaded! You can find them all on the downloads page. All of them work with Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, or possibly more OSs! I've also added the Linux/Unix version of Block Attack to the Downloads page.
Did you notice how they all end with "Attack"? It's like all the programmers who like the game only use Linux and only know Tetris Attack. =p Out of the ones with releases, anyway. I came accross a "Planet Tetris Attack", but there's no downlaod for that... There was also one that was named something to do with Puzzle League, but it also didn't have a download.
Yet all of the fans of the game who DON'T program usually know the game from Pokemon Puzzle League. XD I even came accross one person who thinks PkPL is a rip-off of Tetris Attack. ;-; This is what we exist for, I guess...

Well, enjoy the new games! I'm still working on advertising, and probably will be until we either get some members or I give up. And that would only be after, like, two years of advertising to no avail. So, we'll probably get some members. XD

Ready for business!

Posted by BusterTheFox on August 21, 2011 at 3:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Well, I finally buckled down and got it done; Planet Puzzle League, our final missing game, has been added to the Games page!!! That means two things:

1. We're ready to open to the public. Heavy advertising to follow.
2. I finally get to use th blog's Planet Puzzle League tag for a post. XD

Anyway... Yeah. Thanks to Google and me always throwing the link on whatever profile I make on other sites, we've already began to get some visitors, albeit not the type we were wanting. Anyway, I suppose I might as well post up my plans from here:

1. Advertise. This means going onto websites and making topics about the site or whatever. Granted said site would allow it. Gaia has been suggested to me, and that place is always full. I think they allow advertising in some places. I'm also going to make a bunch of YouTube videos of me playing. I'll throw in the link at the end, and in the descriptions. I'm gonna have to play for the cause! XD On an emulator, too... I hope my keyboard Puzzle League skills haven't gotten TOO rusty! x5 chains aren't gonna attract a lot of attention... Maybe bloopers... Haha.

2. Add more stuff to the downloads page! I'm hoping to connect with some sweet Pokemon Puzzle League files soon, and I have a few good sites for things like this otherwise. Once I check back on that stuff, I'm hoping to add a few more sound packs to the Downloads page. It'll make for a nifty addition to the site.

Anyway, once we get members, we can hopefully find a website programmer who can help set up the Ladder system I've been dreaming about. I know nothing about how Webs has the Members app set up, so maybe we'll have to have people register a Ladder-only account. You know, rather than the "forum and around the site" accounts.
Well, that's about it. Maybe I can record one of my best Planet Puzzle League replays with my cell phone...

Until next time,

EDIT: I almost forgot! I guess it didn't seem so important to me, but I've decided on a URL for when we get one.
Puzzleleague.net. I will go along with all of the other *.net sites out there that are fan sites like this one. Plus, it looks good. Nintendo currently owns puzzleleague.COM, but I don't mind that, even if it re-directs to Nintendo.com for now... They can always use it to showcase a new Puzzle League game, if they ever come out with one (I shudder at the thought that maybe they won't...). Anyway, yeah. That's what we'll be when we get the cashflow, but that's pretty far off. I guess. I'll put up donation buttons around the site once we get a decent few registered members... As much as I hate Paypal... It's for the site's good. XD