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Site update (Less eye-burn)

Posted by BusterTheFox on May 8, 2014 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)

I came here on one of my approx. monthly checkups to see if anyone had left any messages. Nobody had, so I started reading my latest blog post. It started off talking about eye-strain, and boy was it right. So I've immediately logged into my account and changed the theme. It doesn't quite get the point of the website across, but at least it's got a colorful header image.


Also speaking of the last update, I still haven't uploaded those files I was talking about earlier. So, I'm going to see if I can do that after I post this blog entry. To be specific, I would want to post PDF format manuals for all of the games, plus the official Panel de Pon Harmony soundtrack (For now I'm only going to post the "High Quality" ones, but I'll post a link to the page where you can get the lower-quality ones for those of you with limited bandwidth or slow connections).


It's already pretty late as I type this, and it will likely be even later once I get those uploads done, but I might try and re-organize the site a bit more after that. Still not sure what exactly I want to do, though. I wouldn't like having to use an external site like Wikia for the Game pages, but I really do want to do those in a wiki format. Well, I'll think of something. Meanwhile, feel free to peruse the no-longer-eye-burning website to your heart's content. Haha!

EDIT: Er, Webs seems to have updated how it handles direct links to files, and the majority of the download links are no longer working. For now, right-click and choose "Save As..." to download the files. Anyway, unfortunately the downloads will have to wait until I get this sorted out. Hopefully it won't be too tough to fix. Sigh... I may just have to change hosts soon, lol. Webs has not been treating me very well.


Posted by BusterTheFox on July 9, 2013 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Today I decided to come back here and take a look at what I can do to improve this place a bit (Short of throwing a lot of money at Webs to get them to let me do anything easily). I was quickly reminded of how eye-burning the new skin is and also how hard it was to read the navigation bar at the top of the site. So I went searching through the rainbow to find the perfect color to offset the background. It was white before, but now it's yellow. I think it looks better than it did before. Just so happens that yellow is pretty much the only distinct color I can use that doesn't blend with some part of the background image. :< Anyway, I hope it's easier to read for everyone, now.

I know I promised I would buy myself a premium membership for this place a lot sooner, but real life got in the way, as expected. I just ordered my gaming computer (At last!), but now I have to save up for multiple other things that have popped up (Like my brother's bachelor party and, of course, more PC games for my new computer. Kidding. That'll be seperate). In any case, it seems that once I get all of these things sorted out, I should be able to finally save up a special fund for getting this place in order. Then I'll finally be able to update and make seperate pages for each and every game in the series.

In other news, I've recently been looking a bit more into the localizations of the games in the series. I touch on this subject breifly in the information docs I have available for download while we wait for legit webspace for the information, but one of the biggest problems the series faces right now is that nobody knows what it is. even the Super Smash Bros. series hasn't answered many questions about it, which it has for so many other games. For instance, there's the item Lip's Stick. It's the magical wand that Lip, the protagonist from the original Panel de Pon, uses. While SSB cites the item as being from the "Panel de Pon" series, nobody in America (or anyone outside of Japan, period) knows what that is. At least, as far as the masses are concerned. Most people here in America seem to know the series by the names of either Tetris Attack, or Pokemon Puzzle League. those who associate it with Tetris Attack have a tendancy to be unaware there are other games in the series since there have been no other games (Besides the Game Boy port) that used that name. Making the transition to the N64, the name was changed to Pokemon Puzzle League. Most people associated with this name know it because of the Pokemon part of the title rather than the "Puzzle League" part of it. On top of that, anyone who has played through a Pokemon game would know of the original namesake, the Pokemon League, which is essentially where the last boss of each game lies in wait. With that in mind, even people who have played Pokemon Puzzle League may not recognize the GBA Puzzle League or Planet Puzzle League as the same game at all at first glance (Because it does not feature Pokemon). 

Speaking of which, the Game Boy Advance Dr. Mario + Puzzle League wasn't that great of a seller, either. Looking back, it seems like Nintendo must have anticipated a bad turn-out by the fact that they released Dr. Mario with it as a bundle. As a result, Dr. Mario kind of became the main selling point, and once again, Puzzle League was pretty much lost on players along the way. It probably also didn't help that this particular iteration of the series pretty much a bear minimum version of the game, with very few unlockables and other things. Of course, that's just my opinion right there, and there are plenty of great things about this game that make it awesome. It's personally also my favorite game in the series as of right now. But I'm not writing a reveiw about this one game right now.

Speaking of which, here I am writing an article about the series before I even realized it. Haha! I guess I should end up with a solution to the problem, then.

I suppose if I were in the shoes of Intelligent Systems, I would release a "Puzzle League Collection" on the 3DS or Wii U with a few select games in the series. Of course, that might not be a perfect idea since there would be copyright issues with both Yoshi and Pokemon. But Intelligent System and The Pokemon Company are both second party subsidiaries of Nintendo; it could work. Basically, it would include a (translated) Panel de Pon, Tetris Attack (SNES and GB), Pokemon Puzzle League, Pokemon Puzzle Challenge, and the Game Boy Advance Puzzle League. The game would have something like a "museum" mode where it would explain the history of each game, the reasoning behind each name change, and, most importanty, it would introduce Panel de Pon to English-speaking audiences while confirming with fans of the series that not only are all the games in the same series, but the current name is now "Puzzle League". Then, in the next Smash Bros. game, they could change any reference to "Panel de Pon" to "Puzzle League". And even if they didn't, players would know what game Panel de Pon was thanks to it having been included in the collection.

...I guess that's all wishful thinking, though. Hey, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems! If you ever happen to see this, you may use this idea free of charge and without any kind of attribution. Or, hey! Just release the games on the virtual Console! Although there's the trouble with the Tetris Attack name, too... Which is probably why it hasn't been released yet already. But jeez, just release Panel de Pon at least! XD People need to know what they're dealing with when it comes to this series... And Intelligent Systems seems to have abandoned it (Along with Advance Wars...) for Fire Emblem and Paper Mario... Wait, did they make Super Paper Mario or Sticker Star? I should look that up. If they weren't behind those... Well, either way, they technically shouldn't be working on anything right now. Maybe a new 3DS Advance Wars or Puzzle LEague is on the way... *Sigh...*

My Recent Happenings

Posted by BusterTheFox on January 6, 2013 at 6:05 AM Comments comments (0)

I've noticed that the news feed here is turning more and more into my own personal blog. ;p Not that there's much going on in the Puzzle League world of late. I'm glad I was able to spot that Game Informer mention, but that's really nothing big. At least it;s something, though. :)

Anyway, I got Tetris Attack for the Gameboy since the last update. I used to think it was incredibly tough, but playing it on a real Gameboy Color made all the difference. It does a much better job of separating the block colors than an emulator does, which makes it much easier to find chains and such.
As for Puzzle Challenge, I'm, in a way, breezing through Insane Mode. I still haven't beaten it, but that's because I keep on restarting when I get to the Elite Four so I can try to get all of the unlockable Trainer Pokémon. >_> It doesn't help that you only get one chance at them at a time. :< I also messed around with Line Clear mode a bit; It's pretty easy stuff, but it's all about speed with that mode. Not that there's much to compare it to, so I just go about it casually. Maybe someday, when I get online ranking stuff working, I'll include Line Clear times for everything. xD

As for the status of the site, we're still empty as ever. I just barely haven't managed to gather enough interest in the tourney to get it all started. I'm not sure what else to do right now, though. At the moment, the next step is simply to save up my money and buy some extra webspace for PLH so I can expand the Game Information stuff to be on separate pages. I also have to re-write those things, some of the info is a bit off. >_< But I can't find the drive to do it as it is now. I hate to have to make it all as downloadable .RTF files.
Ah, as for money, I actually managed to break away from eBay like I said I would. Right now, my main priority is saving up for a new computer. After that, it's all pretty much up in the air. It'll be a fight between games on Steam, 3DS and Wii U, mostly. :3 Other than PLH, I don't have any other things I really need to save up for. And I've been doing pretty darn good at saving up, too! I just mentioned a Wii U, right? xD I saved up for it, and now I have it!
Another thing, though, is that now that the holidays are over, I'm getting next to no hours at work. Looks like they won't be letting me go, and I just got my discount card too, so I should count my blessings. :D But from now until I start getting more hours, I'm going to latch onto all of my free cash like it's my life. xD No more fast food for a while!!! I'll need it all for gas money, I bet. Not that I'll be doing much driving for all the hours I'm getting. But hey, more free time to work on my hobby projects! Maybe I'll spend some time figuring out some solutions for this place.

If anyone reads this, give me a sign! xD You can leave a comment without logging in if you don't mind filling out a captcha to do so. Anyone else out there have a 3DS and/or Wii U? Send me your Freind Codes and such!
And with that, peace, everyone. Keep on puzzlin'~
- Buster

EDIT: Stupid Webs text fields not letting me use Google Chrome's auto-spellcheck... Let me know if you see any typos, either in these blog posts or anywhere around the site! Even a simple grammar error. I make mistakes sometimes, I won't get mad or anything. xD I hate having incorrect spelling/grammar in things.

Hooray for eBay!

Posted by BusterTheFox on November 30, 2012 at 5:10 AM Comments comments (0)

So, I'm back once again just to let you know that I'm not dead. I check up on this place at LEAST once a week, and usually I try to check in more often than that. But, as expected, there hasn't been much activity. As for my job, it's going pretty well; I'm getting more hours lately, so that's good. :p Although most of it has gone to gas... and eBay.

Let's see, what all have I bought on eBay already...
Pokémon Yellow Version
Monster Rancher Battle Card GB
A new battery cover for my Gameboy Color...
A light/magnifying glass add-on for said Gameboy...
Tetris Attack GB
Pokémon Puzzle Challenge
A little Mr. Saturn fridge magnet from the game Earthbound
and a handheld game called Skannerz Commander.


What can I say? I like my Gameboy games.

No wonder I can't save any money, though. x'D But actually, I've bought everything I've been wanting so far, so I should be breaking from the magical world of eBay for a while. I still want to get this place a real URL and everything, but I suck at money so far. :/ I'm getting used to it, though. Plus, Christmas gifts...

Enough about that, though, I got Pokémon Puzzle Challenge~! My personal favorite of all the games. My best chain is already at 8, and I've beaten Super-Hard mode... Now I just gotta beat Insane mode, unlock all of the extra Pokémon, and beat the Puzzle/Line Clear Modes, and I'm done with it already... Although, I always sucked at Puzzle Mode. So we'll see. I haven't gotten TAGB yet, though, it's running pretty late in delivery...

Anyway, I have Puzzle Challenge now. I guess that's the big thing. I'm still saving for a new computer and such, so I still don't have enough free cash to buy this place some shiny new stuff. But, someday, someday. ;p Hopefully sooner, but, you know.

So I guess this update was pretty boring. Sorry. xD Feel free to use the "Contact Us" link at the top there to contact me via e-mail if you ever wanna play an online game. I have online TA set up via Hamachi, and I also have Planet Puzzle League. Or, you can contact me for any other reason!

'Till next time,

EDIT: By the way, August 14th was PLH's second birthday!! Happy birthday, PLH!! YA~Y!! xD

I Got a Job!

Posted by BusterTheFox on October 1, 2012 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

About four days ago, I got myself hired as a cashier at Wal-Mart! YAY!!! My orientation is this coming Wednesday.

How does this affect you, you ask? Why, because a job means money! And money means me buying stuff. And me buying stuff will eventually mean buying one of them premium memberships. Meaning PLH will finally become puzzleleague.net, we can finally get the infirmation pages up (and not have to rely on Wikia), and... so much more.

As you can imiagine, buying a membership for this site isn't my highest priority. This poor computer of mine is breaking down, and even my cell phone is starting to turn itself off randomly. So, I need to replace my tech. After that, everything else is just stuff I want, like a Wii U and, well, a Webs membership. So, I guess it depends on what I'll have to buy first (oh, and, of course, whether or not I can actually keep the job!). I'll need to pay for gas, too...

Well, anyway! With that, I have a bit more to say about the tournament! First of all, I managed to find a good way to record Planet Puzzle League gameplay. I've uploaded a new version of my x16 Chain video to my blazefire14 account (maybe I should make a PuzzleLeagueHeaven account...). Of course, I have a little advertisment in the video's description. :D 

I'm also going to try to post around a bit at TA.org. Tell them about the tourney and stuff. I think I wasn't persisant enough with them. xD It's not that they don't care about me (well, I guess it is that, but in a good way), they're just so laid back that they're like, "Oh, cool. Well, keep it up". Anyway, I'll try to make a few posts over there.

Alright, so. I haven't made any other updates, but JOIN THE TOURNAMENT!!! ^_^ http://puzzleleague.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/5770680-plh-grand-opening-cup

Worst day of my life.

Posted by BusterTheFox on September 2, 2011 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (1)

This piece of crap website won't let me copy/paste from Wordpad. The gist of the message I wanted to send was:

- Today sucked BIG TIME. I am PISSED OFF.

- Forgot to open the tourney thread yesterday due to real life. It's open for registration now.

- No word from TA.org. I'm gonna look for a Contact us page on thier site and ask them to hurry up and accept my forum registration.


EDIT: Turns out the topic was never locked to begin with. Bleh.

Tetris Attack dot org!?!?!?

Posted by BusterTheFox on August 27, 2011 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (4)

As I was advertsing on the Tube, a user brought to my attention a site called Tetrisattack.org. At first, I was like, "oh, CRAP! I didn't know there was already another site!!!". I took a look around, and it seems to have a good userbase of Puzzle League lovers, although it is a bit small with only 69 registered members (well, 70 once they accept me. I hope to make a peace treaty with them. XD).

Anyway, if you've been following the site, you'll know that I created this place out of a lack of Puzzle League "central information hubs", as it were. While this other site has a bit of info on the different games, PLH stands as having more information. They seem more centralized around people uploading high scores and videos and things.

Anyway, seeing as my goal was to create a site that didn't exist, hopefully we can collaborate something here... Meanwhile, I still have a few things here that I have yet to see there, such as more extensive game info and downloads. I still have to do a LOT more work on the game info, mind you, but that'll have to wait until I can really get the stuff on a page.

Sooooo, yeah. Here's the TL;DR:
Another site, tetrisattack.org, came to my attention. They have an active community, but not much in terms of game info. I'm waiting on the admin there to approve my account. Once I can post on their forum, I'm going to let them know about the site in a freindly way. Perhaps we can sort of fuse their community with my base of knowledge, downloads, and other things?

We'll have to see where this goes, but for now, I'll look at it as an opportunity to hopefully get some more members! Or at least make a good affiliate site. We DO kind of offer different stuff.

Anyway, we're gonna keep hopeful. Even if they spit venom at me and perma-IP-ban me from their site, PLH will continue on. I doubt that'll happen, though. They started TA.org for almost the same reason as I started PLH, and they really seem to have a passion for the game.

Here's to hoping,