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A few updates

Posted by BusterTheFox on August 21, 2011 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (2)

Well, we've updated the site a bit again, and as such, I'm a-lettin' you know about it!

First off, you might've notice that I added some new categories to the blog here. Hopefully this'll help keep things a little more organized when people are searching through older Blog posts.

Secondly, I managed to get my hands on all 74 of the tracks in the Pokemon Puzzle League Soundtrack! Note that this is music only, and does not include sound effects (Sorry, Musicreaver! XD). Anyway, I grabbed them all one by one from the good 'ol Galbadia Hotel, which took me a while. I listened to them all to make sure none were corrupt, and so that I could rename them (They were previously Track 1, Track 2, ETC). It was a lot of work to go through, so I hope you all apprecieate the addition! XD The file turned out huge, and zipping it up only shaved off about 2 or 3 MB, so it's currently 160 MB in size. Well, as you can imagine, Webs isn't so great about that kind of thing (what kind of free provider WOULD be?), plus we only have so much bandwidth per month, so, aside from the fact that I can't have any files above 49 MB, I have decided to upload it via Multiupload to a bunch of file-sharing websites. So, you can choose your favorite and get downloading! Or, have a mirror if it gets removed for some reason (I doubt it will, but it is official music from an official game, and Nintendo/The Pokemon Company have always been really paranoid about piracy, so...).

Okay, well, that's about it. As for advertising, I haven't really had the time. I've been brushing up on Pokemon Puzzle Challenge and Tetris Attack GB since VisualBoy Advance can record video directly. Not sure what to do about other games, but what I do know is that I suck at keyboard Puzzle League at the moment, and I don't have a gamepad. XD I have a joystick, but the thing's pretty much only good for flight simulators, as I've found out from trying to play a bunch of FPS games with it... But flight simulators... It's bomb... Haha.

I got off-topic there. So yeah, I'm going to upload videos, possibly make a new YouTube account, although that would probably mean making a new E-Mail address. I've found that YouTube (essentially, Google) is really annoying about registering new YouTube accounts. Maybe I should make [email protected] or something. Naw... I guess I'll upload them to my usual account, blazefire14. (Check it out sometime...) I think I've done pretty well with the backlinks, so YouTube takes priority for the time being.

Okay, enjoy the new music, and enjoy the site!